''Vito Dimichele, apulian, tuscan by adoption, scholar of the Renaissance, doctor of administration and finance with experience in multinationals - such as the Finmeccanica Group.''

Dear Vitap Group employees,

Today, our company has already achieved important milestones thanks to your value.

Letter from President

Light can't shine through matter if matter hasn't become thin enough to let the rays through

Pyramid of Values

It's something Ho I've experienced over the years. Since its foundation, since the first steps of Vitap Group, maintaining a conduct inspired by the principles of honesty, simplicity and discipline has helped me to never lose direction, in good times as well as in bad. I have always tried to set a good example with those around me.

Today the company has become large and complex and will grow more and more, precisely because it is built on a very strong foundation of values. We are the actors in a globalized world, in which, thanks to technology, we can communicate from one part of the world to the other through audiovisual tools. We are always close.

The principles that have inspired me over the years are represented in the Vitap Group's Pyramid of Values: by handing it over to you, I ask you

Vitap Group's pyramid of values includes 9 values, which are divided into 3 triads, to which is added the tenth, love.

3.The third is the triad of justice. "The law is the same for everyone" is an inscription that stands out in every court, but if it is not interpreted correctly it remains only a motto. We cannot judge others according to the color of their skin and religion, so we can use a different justice for every convenience (this is the height of injustice and unfairness). When we practice this way of doing and being, it is the beginning of chaos: wars, poverty, murder, greed, filth... Chaos, the opposite of order. And humanity suffers without realizing what the root of its suffering is.

to be its custodians. I would like it to always inspire our professional and personal lives, giving us that vital energy that allows us to overcome a thousand difficulties and accompanies us along the path of perfection.

1.In the first we find discipline, the basis for achieving ambitious goals if applied rigorously. At its peak, impeccability: every job entrusted to us is a work of art.

2.The second triad is that of honesty: every day we have the opportunity to be honest or dishonest. Sometimes we may be confronted with enticements, such as being offered money in exchange for favors. The virtuous person does not give in, he does not make distinctions with anyone: he is satisfied with what he has, he is transparent and incorruptible. The honest man creates a virtuous circle because even those who are close to him, his gens – as the ancients would say – grow strong and similar to him.

The happiness of individuals, on the other hand, is an orderly, clean, beautiful, honest, incorruptible world. Only if justice guides us will we become invincible. Justice and fairness must also be our guide in the day-to-day management of personnel. It would be enough to look up to understand that without values it is impossible to aspire to fairness and integrity, to achieve the perfection of being and to live in the light of immortal love.

What I'm trying to tell you is that, in life, in order to HAVE, you have to know HOW TO DO, but to know how to do you have to know HOW TO BE. That is why economics is inextricably linked to ethics; That is why behind a good deed there is always some form of contemplation; and that is why financial power must always be associated with Love.

The President

Vito Dimichele

No organization is able to survive without a solid foundation of values, history has proven this time and time again. Without values, societies are short-lived.

Only a few of them have been able to live forever, because their leadership has been based on universal principles that have made them an ideal place to live.

''Many souls, an unique hearth''


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What does it mean?

Here it is explained

That's our woodworking machinery technology development lab, where we implement technology for woodworking machines. In our vision, continuous scientific research is fundamental for the constant innovation of our machinery and our technologies. This is where the adaptive and intelligent solutions that distinguish our products come to life.

Vitap Lab represents a unique opportunity for all our partners. We open the doors of our production site to offer training and technological support on our machinery.

The laboratory is daily stimulated by the exchange of information that takes place between the technical and commercial office, the two souls that together identify the direction and objectives to be pursued in the development of new machines, technologies and updates. It is the Vitap representatives who bring the requests and needs expressed by the customers back to the company. The desire to fulfill these needs pushes and orients our technological research.


Our thoughts on the planet impact everything we do, from the materials we use to the packaging we provide. Learn how we stay accountable...

Vitap S.p.A.

The company established itself immediately in the woodworking machinery construction sector. In all these years it has developed over 130 products, designed and manufactured entirely in the Vitap (and later Tavip) ​​factories.


Vitap CABINET is the 3D Software than Vitap Group dedicated, which means that...

Vitap Lab